Two Steps to Clean Skin

Clean skin for me has always been something I have kind of struggled with. When I was kid my skin care routine consisted of chlorine facials and the Biore products I bought strictly for packaging. (Correction: my mom bought.) I didn't often remember to use my face face wash but when I did man oh man, did I feel like I was killing the girl game.

I don't come from a family that has ever placed much attention on cosmetics or skin care. When I started wearing real competition makeup for dance I had to have some application lessons with the older girls. The application lessons were great until I started breaking out after competition weekends and would spend weeks trying to balance out my skin again. 

Do you ever look in the mirror and think- how do other girls do it? I do at least once a day. Am I bad at being a girl? Maybe. 

When looking for suggestions, I seem to always stumble across a beauty blogger post that incorporates a variant of about 20 products per day. Ain't nobody got the money or time for that. Also, I'm not even entirely sure how eye brightening cream works. I look for products that do their jobs and do them well. I try to avoid a label in which the word "acid" is used more than 10 times, that's just scary. On the other hand, I know that a singular makeup wipe isn't enough.

In the past, I have spent money on makeup opposed to skin care. It made more sense to me to buy more expensive foundation and cover my blemishes, than spring for a more expensive cleanser and treat the problem. This is why growing up is a good thing. If your skin looks good the foundation looks better, Shan!

While I am planning for a couple additions my daily routine has just two products and blows my prior routine out of the water.

Speaking of water...

Maybe micellar water is something you have heard of, maybe it isn't. If not, micellar water is comprised of tiny little "micelles" or oil molecules suspended in soft water. The oil molecules are attracted to dirt and oil are are there to absorb impurities without drying out the skin. Micellar water has actually been around for almost a hundred years and has just made it's way to the states. Thank goodness. With one swipe, this miracle water takes away dirt and makeup, Oh yeah, there is no rinse required. Something low maintenance that makes my skin pretty.. say what? 

I have always been intrigued by philosophy but couldn't justify the price point for a face wash. Ironic because I have spent more on a contouring palette. After receiving a gift card this Christmas I decided to pull the trigger and go for it. Purity is a natural, one-step facial cleanser. With one wash I feel as though my makeup is gone and my pores are free to breathe. Typically I will use purity on it's own in the morning and after my micellar water in the evening. I find using the micellar water as a makeup remover and initial cleanser, allows purity to really clean out my pores and leave my skin feeling soft.

These products changed my life. Dramatic but true.


  1. Micellar water is amazing !!!! xx

    1. It's a life changer, I just want to share it with the world! Thank you for stopping by to read! I love your blog and photography. Xo Shannon


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