Spring Break Body.

I don't know what is going on but I think the older I get the faster time seems to move. It is already the end of January and February is right around the corner. By the way it's 2014 as well... what? In one short month spring break will be here and a lucky few ladies will be heading to significantly warmer climates. I know it may seem like this post is to help you but I actually hate you. Unless I end up in Florida. In which case we can be friends.

For those lucky few headed to an island oasis or state much warmer than mine, you're probably slightly worried about the bikini sitch. Don't fret- I'm here to assist in all of your bikini needs.  Above all the most important thing to remember is crash diets are terrible for your body. If your plan is to live on celery and water for the entire week leading up to your trip, you need to think again. After the trip, or possibly during depending on how fantastic your all-inclusive plan is, the weight is going to come back quicker and easier than it has in the past. Also remember that crash dieting is depleting your body of vital nutrients needed to keep your body healthy and keep everything functioning properly. Trust me, you will need that liver of yours in tip top shape for your week long jail break from textbooks. I know I will anyway.

As far as diet- make sure you're eating! Subtle changes can actually make quite the difference. Do your best to avoid carbs, salts and dairy. Choose natural sugars over artificial and drink a lot of water. First, carbs can't be avoided at all cost and shouldn't be especially when you're working out. This is where the grey area comes into play. Choose a complex carb over a simple carb. For instance if you have the choice between a whole grain bread or pasta and a white flour bread or pasta, choose whole grain. Whole grains are harder for our body to break down making it work just a little harder. Whole grains also means you're getting the benefit and nutrients of the entire seed like Vitamin B, Iron and protein. Salts and dairy products are going to be partially responsible for bloating as they cause your body to retain water. Drinking plenty of water, 8 glasses a day to be exact, will ensure that you are keeping your body flushed and happy. Lastly, a natural sugar like those found in fruits are better for your body and give you a bit more energy than an artificial option. Often, I will reach for a smoothie or bowl of mixed fruit instead of a coffee. Just as much, if not more energy, with no crash and no guilt. When I'm rushed with work and classes, I love Naked juice drinks.


While I have never believed this product was "all natural" I do believe that when pressed for time they are a superior option to a bag of chips or Marylou's girl scout cookie coffee on the way to class. Of course, homemade smoothies are always the way to go.

Exercise is going to come down to at least a half hour of cardio a day. Since we're on a time crunch, I would push for everyday. Cardio can be anything you choose so long as your heart rate is up. A little sweat never killed anybody. Treadmill, elliptical, Zumba, Kickboxing, pilates, you name it- just do something. If you want to do some weight training to add a little definition to those muscles then you do you, you overachiever! 3 sets of 15 is my go-to. Push yourself without hurting yourself. A while back I posted a simple routine that I do in my bedroom on lazy days. This would be easy to follow and complete in a dorm room and hopefully make you feel like you worked hard.  Make sure the cardio is done in one form or another along with the diet.

This plan is extremely simple but if you stick to it I promise you will see a difference. Let me know what you think or if you plan on trying, please! I can't wait for feedback so don't be shy and good luck!



  1. I am definitely with you on the whole time flying thing! As I get older, time definitely moves faster. These are great tips. I try to stick to natural, unprocessed foods and lots and lots of water. I can't wait til it warms up!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Natural and organic are most definitely the way to go. Unfortunately, it can be difficult while at school. Hopefully it warms up sooner rather than later. Thank you for reading!

  3. Those juices are great! My favorite is definitely the green machine!

  4. I am seriously so frustrated at the moment. I love them SO much and now all of the sudden they are under so much fire with a civil lawsuit. I have read a million articles and just don't know what to believe. Thank you for reading!

  5. no, i am with you - time seems to be flying as i get older! and totally agree, i have to eat. Otherwise I will kill someone. i really wanna try those naked juices, they look so delicious!

  6. Definitely give them a try! So yummy! Thank you for reading :)


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