32 Things That Make Me Happy

Today I'm linking up with two of my favorite bloggers, Sarah and Erin. When I saw a tweet last night at four o'clock this morning mentioning this link up I was such a happy camper. One, it kind of feels like a cheat day. Someone else is telling me what to write about. Two, there is so much to be happy about on a daily basis and sometimes it's nice to stop and smell pick 32 roses and stick them in a pretty little vase that is an empty blog space.

1// The number one thing making me happy lately are the gorgeous spring sunsets. I love that at the end of any rough day there is a small reminder in how beautiful the world can be. Slightly obsessed.

2// Dancing. I love real dancing (you know like ballet,) drunk dancing and dancing on the top of a 50 foot rock during a sunset. 
Yes, this was a little terrifying. Anything for an Instagram.

3// Music. Songs that take all of my scary thoughts and serenade me until I think everything is okay. 

4// A clear sky full of stars. Imagine the whole world being under one sky. Especially the people you want to be around but can't. They all see the same thing.

5//Cadbury eggs season. Okay, so this season is lasting a solid 6 months but I am okay with it because  we only get one chance on this earth and Cadbury eggs are maybe the closest we will get to heaven. 

6// Fenway Park. America's most beloved ballpark and Shannon's most beloved summer destination. Next to Mayflower beach on Cape Cod that is. 

7//  Coffee. I'm a girl who appreciates her caffeine. 

8// Friends that know when you need them without having to say so. Those are the best. 

9// Random flowers.  I don't like Valentines day flowers. I want random flowers just because someone was thinking about me. Better yet, make them pink and make them peonies. I will love you forever. 

10// A glass of wine a day. A good day, a bad day or just to relax. It really is magical for any circumstance. 

11// Sweating. I know this is so gross but I love when I actually sweat. If it is due to an awesome workout, well that means I'm accomplishing something. If it's because I'm laying on the beach- well, I'm laying on the beach and all is right. 

12//Feeling small. When I stand at the foot of the ocean or under the stars my problems don't seem quite so bad after all. 

13// Lululemon clothes. That makes me sound like a brat but any company that makes it so that I don't have to wear a bra and my but looks great. I'm in. 

14// A job that allows me to do this after my boss leaves. 
Hi Fallan! 
15// Two jobs that provide a paycheck and smiles every. damn. day. 

16//Hockey. Give me a goal, a fight, a good penalty- I want it all. 

17// When my makeup comes out perfect and I look in the mirror for like a second and think "hey your eyes look nice today, Shan." Just me? moving on.

18// Fresh fruit. 

19// The dysfunction that is my relationship with my best friend and cousin, Katherine. 
"Wait, what?"
20// A full bank account. For a little while at least. On that note, I should pay my credit card bill.

21// Country concerts. Lots of tailgating, a few ridiculous pictures, a dash of love and a whole bunch of singing. 

22// Sundresses and flip flops. I would wear this everyday if I could. Add a wedge and a statement necklace and I'm prepared for any occasion.

23// Colors. I have always loved mixing colors. 

24// Traveling and making plans to travel. I wish I could be a gypsy that travels the world with nothing but a backpack and flip flops. Warm parts of the world, obviously.

25// Driving with the windows down and country music up as loud as I can stand it. 

26// The first moment of a vacation when you are overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation and relaxation. Woah, what? Yep, it is perfection.

27// Blogging. I love writing in these blank pages everyday and I particularly love this post. 

28// Festive selfies when everyone is watching and I just don't care. Fourth of July- Yolo! Just kidding.

29// Morning runs along the beach.

30// Wedding planning via pinterest with no desire to get married anytime in the near future. 

31// Hoodies and sweatpants in front of a warm fire. 

32// New love.

Two Thirds Hazel


  1. I've never been to Fenway but it is the highest on my list of stadiums... but lets be real, I want to go to all of the baseball stadiums, nothing better! And on another note... what were you doing up at 4am!?

    1. How is this- if you get to Boston we will go to Fenway? Waking up in the middle of the night is abnormally normal for me.

  2. Yes, hoodies and sweatpants in front of the fire!

  3. Hey Shannon! Absolutely all of the above! For sure! xx ;)


  4. I'd give {almost} anything to live near a beach just so I could go for morning/afternoon/evening runs on the sand! Heck I'd even settle for a trail next to the sand.

  5. What is your job??! And loving the Opening Day selfie :)

  6. im so with you on the wine...it should be drank every day, all day ;)

  7. Big wine drinker over here as I'm sure most of us lovely ladies are!! Stopping by from the link up!


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