Wine Down

You know those weeks. Yep, those weeks. The ones that end with you in your PJ's and a bottle of wine in front of you before 7 p.m. Ain't nobody got time for a glass at that point. It's nice to know the weekend has finally arrived but are you actually relaxed? Sometimes, depending on the week at my last job, I wouldn't find myself actually relaxed until Sunday morning. Just in time for the Sunday scaries to kick in big time.

It's hard to enjoy any kind of work-life balance when your life feels more work oriented. During time off it's important to relax and reconnect with values that bring you happiness. For me, I love nothing more than waking up Saturday and Sunday mornings to a hot cup of coffee and my puppy. It's important that my weekend mornings aren't crowded with worry for the upcoming week. I like to snuggle with my dog, watch a couple of movies, get a nice workout in and set clear, defined intentions for the week.

Sometimes, it can be a little more difficult to put the hustle behind me. I try to recognize my stress going into the weekend and nip it in the bud early. Some Friday nights require a little extra wine and some TLC. On those nights, these are my four steps to bliss.

1. Candle(s)
 There is something so calming about the gentle flicker of a flame. I received a Herb& Irma lavender and sage candle from Target for my birthday and rushed out to pick up a few more. I use lavender as an essential oil to de-stress, so having it in candle form is a little slice of heaven.

2. Incense
I recently discovered burning incense and I can't get enough. With the lavender candle, I like the warmth and comfort of a vanilla scented incense. I find watching the smoke dance through my living room calming.

3. Face mask
Admittedly, I have never been someone who has spent much money on face masks. I have purchased the Glamglow mud mask. While it probably wasn't fair to expect big life altering changes in my skin, I didn't really see any improvement at all. Again, I know it isn't a miracle treatment but for the price I expected more. These days I pick up whatever is cheap at the pharmacy. I look for a mask that will draw impurities out of my skin and has primarily natural ingredients.

4. Hot shower
When the face mask is hard and the wine glass is empty, it's shower time. My night time showers don't last longer than five minutes are usually full of steam. I feel so relaxed after a hot shower and the return to my couch with a lavender candle waiting... heaven.

Whatever you do, just don't forget the wine!


  1. Cheers to wining down!

  2. Seems like my kind of night!

    Vanessa x |

  3. Love it!!!

    Completely AGREE!!

    Super wine lover too <3 <3 <3


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