So close, yet so far.

Good Morning, Wednesday. I'm not entirely sure I am ready for you just yet but here you are.  I can only hope you won't be too crazy. Maybe go a little easy on me for at least a few hours? However, after peeking outside I know that isn't exactly the case. I have a solid six inches of snow to clean off of my car before I can get anywhere. If getting married would promise I never had to clean my car off again, I would say sign me up. Not to say I can't take care of myself but my goodness do I hate cleaning off my car. Wednesday also drags along four days of work keeping me from now and Vacation. I'm ready for Vacation. Be good to me, Wednesday.

Tuesday brought a snow day, Chipotle, Christmas movies and my some quality time with this beauty.



I love Christmas trees. Tuesday also brought the publication of my Thought Catalog article here. I was super excited and my family was really supportive of it which always feels great! So I am off to eat something and dream about being knee deep in the water somewhere opposed to knee deep in the snow in Massachusetts.


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