Love Wins.

Romantically thinking, once you fall in love with someone you should have this incredible feeling of fire-y passion burning deep in your soul and exploding through every single part of your body. A feeling that is ever-present and impossible to extinguish. In fact, it never ever goes away, not even during a blood-boiling-I-wish-I-could-hit-you fight. 


I'm not here to tell you passionate moments don't exist as the surely do. What I am here to tell you is there are far less of them than expected. One or two high-intensity overwhelming moments a day are a blessing. Sometimes, when you get super comfortable with one another, you may not get any in a day. That's okay. 

Being in love, instead, is a constant feeling of contentment. A feeling that everything will work out because you have someone right by your side to pick up the pieces if they don't. A constant cheerleader, a shoulder demonstrating strength and support and someone that will kiss your forehead before bed and reiterate what you already know; you are right where you are supposed to be.

The biggest test, for me anyway, is an argument. They're present don't you worry. As mad as I may be, even when my frustrations turn into tears, I never worry about losing my person. I know that all arguments come to an end and my desire to be happy with a person who knows me inside and out will defeat any feelings of anger in the long run. It's important to point out that I also try very, very hard to be right in arguments. 1. I almost ALWAYS am, duh. 2. Who doesn't want to have the best point? 

At twenty-two years old, I have found someone who pushes my boundaries. Someone who challenges me to work at being/becoming the best me I can be but loves me for who I am right now. If I complain that I need to get in shape, he's not there to tell me I'm great the way I am and not to worry. He will tell me to hit a gym and do something about it then notice when my back has couple more muscles than it did last week. 

It may be strange to wake up feeling content and calling that love. It's a happy a content, a supported content and more than anything in the world a content that I just can't imagine losing. 

On Friday, June 26th, 2015, the supreme court finally ruled in favor of same sex marriage nationwide.  I've always been lucky to live in a state where love and marriage have been an option for all since 2004. Really, since I was too young to understand the feeling. 

Upon hearing the news over my car radio on a trip to Dunks during my break from work, I have since felt an incredibly overwhelming sense of pride and happiness for everyone whom has been discriminated against based on who gives them their sense of contentment. The way my person makes me feel each and every day is one I wish for all open to it. 

After all a soul is a soul and everyone deserves love. 

Finally, Love Wins.


  1. love this post! love wins! xx, kenz

  2. This was an awesome post. As a member of the LGBTQ community, it warms my heart to know there are supportive blogs out there :) xoxo

    Rhiannon @

    1. I'm only supporting happiness! I couldn't imagine not. Thanks for reading! :)


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