2014 Wish List.

Well folks, it's 2014. Has been for a month, I know, I know....details. Anyways throughout this year I am saving money for three big items that I want/need. I plan to save the majority of my paychecks every week. Which will be a struggle but once I put money into my savings account I never touch it, just treat it like it't not there. This means a whole lot less online shopping. I can't promise I won't have a bad day and end up buying jeans or lululemon but I'm going to try- promise.

You're probably wondering what the three items I want are so without further ado, I present my wish list.  I should first say that I absolutely won't get all three this year but I am saving for when I can. In order of importance and necessity-

A new car. Don't get my wrong my '04 Honda Accord, Bella, is such a peach. She has everything I could want in a car- leather seats, seat warmers, a cool radio (I don't know what it's called but it has cool colors) and a sun roof which is my absolute favorite! The only problem is that she is getting old and I put a lot of miles on her every week. Therefore, I am going to need to be ready to purchase a spring chicken when the time comes. In an ideal world I will end up with a VW passat but we will see about that.  Aren't they so pretty though?



I'm thinking buying new won't actually happen and I will possibly buy a car a couple years old from a "gently used" dealership. SO many questions but part of my saving is for a new car. Which will be a boy. Just so you know.


A vacation. I want white sands, clear waters and a drink in my hand. Er, multiple drinks in my hand. Whether this be a cruise or an all-inclusive resort somewhere majestic. Give me bathing suits, sun dresses, strappy-sandals and Ray Bans. I'm a simple gal and that is all I want. Swimming with dolphins would be nifty too but hey, I'm not picky. Bring on the sun.

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A Louis Vuitton bag. Yes, this is a material item. No, I do not desperately need this purse but if I work hard and really want one. I sure as hell am going to buy myself one. Sorry not sorry. When I seriously put some thought into it, I don't understand why I love them so much of what about them makes me so strongly desire one. The pattern's are nothing special and wearing a dark brown bag year round isn't in the cards. Not for me at least. All I can think about it how rewarding it will be to buy myself an expensive purse because I worked hard for it. Here she is.



So ladies and (gents?) these are my goals. I need to save money and lord knows I sometimes need some reminders when it comes to spending money. If I post about something I plan on buying, leave a nasty comment as fast as you can instructing me to stop in my tracks! Happy Friday!


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