My life has been extremely chaotic lately. Between school, two jobs, being sick and trying(failing) to squeeze in a social life I feel beyond frustrated and overwhelmed ALL of the time. I hate complaining because I am so lucky to have the two most amazing jobs in the entire world. Seriously the best. When I head to work at Dream I get to help ladies pick out gorgeous prom and pageant dresses. How is that considered working? Oh yeah, and sometimes this happens:



I love being there. When I'm not "working" at Dream I'm "working" as a nanny and playing with the smartest three year old in the entire world. I'm a little biassed but I mean, she really is brilliant. When I'm nannying this happens:



We could be headed to Disney for a few days next month as well. I know- so lucky just shut up, Shan. With all of that being said there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to accomplish homework and a magnificent blog post. I do want to make sure I post something everyday because well, blogging makes me happy. Today's post is slightly lame and based around a quote. I hope you enjoy and find time to do what makes you happy even when you feel like you're drowning.



  1. You might be busy, but it sounds like your life is pretty exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time at Disney!

  2. Thank you! My life is definitely exciting, I'm very lucky!


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