Weekend Shenanigans.

Friday was an extremely lame start to my weekend with a grand total of 13 hours babysitting between two families. I love kids, I love both families and you can bet I LOVE the money but good lord that was just TOO much. When I was finally on my way home at 1 am it was so foggy and I was so tired that I missed my exit, taking me twenty minutes out of the way. I cried. A little too dramatic? Probably. Do I care? No. This girl needed to get home and into bed.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day due to the previous nights disaster however I bought myself a new treat. HUNTERS. Since nothing is cooperating for me today I can't add a picture of them into my post so you will need to head on over to my Instagram and see them there. (@smurphy58) I spent Saturday night with some friends watching the game with pizza and wine. GO PATRIOTS.

Moving on. Sunday, Dream hosted a fashion show showcasing a pageant line by ASHLEYlauren. Ashley and her assistant Jordy joined us from Maine, they are so cute and down to earth.  Pictures of Ashley's dresses simply do not do them justice they are so gorgeous. Sunday was so busy and overwhelming but an amazing day that made me feel grateful for a job I love and supportive, positive coworkers. Even still a stylist turned model needed some sort of treat after a long day. Who cares if my treat(s) were about six million calories. It is okay.

IMG_0106 IMG_0108



Nachos, Mojitos, Margs and friends. Perfection.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. (I just seriously thought it was Tuesday for a second. Obviously pretty out of it.) I also hope to see some new friends on my instagram later?



Meet my new best friend. A couture dress by Jovani. Not sure for what but I need it.



  1. My Hunters came this weekend... I just want to sit and stare at them. How does a damn rain boot look so GOOD?!

  2. RIGHT! WHY are they so good looking? lol


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