Friday Favorites!

This holiday season my friends and family fed into my makeup addiction with amazing gifts such as the Naked 3 Palette and gift cards to MAC and Sephora. God love them. I also bought myself a little treat that I just can't get enough of.

IMG_0079Here are a few of my new favorite products! As much as I love the necklace at the top, that isn't one of my favorites, it just snuck into the picture. Anyways-

1. MAC- In Extreme Dimension 3D Lash. I never expected to leave MAC with a mascara and even when I did, I was pretty skeptical about it. Not anymore! I love this mascara because it provides Length and volume for my lashes all in in a few waves of the wand.I always start at the base of my lashes when applying, wiggling the wand back in forth as a I work my way to the ends. More than once I have been asked if I was wearing false lashes which could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it and who's asking.. I'm taking that a positive and never buying another mascara again.

2. MAC paint pot in the shade "Painterly." A paint pot is a cream shadow that I use as a primer. I love this product because it adds a little color before the rest of my shadow and keeps everything in place all day without creasing. (Thanks, Uncle Paul!)

3. MAC Face and Body Foundation- I'm extremely picky when it comes to foundation. I don't really like full coverage as it covers my freckles, and I'm not a huge fan of just a moisturizer or a BB cream. After many experiments and lots of trial and error, I have finally settled on this foundation. It's thin and moisturizing on the skin while evening out my skin tone and giving me a "flawless" look. However, the foundation does tend to look a little dewy at times so I always make sure to add a thin layer of setting powder.


4. Hoola by Benefit Bronzer- As far as Bronzer is concerned I don't really like shimmer. I think some girls can pull it off if they apply it correctly but I just don't enjoy it. Hoola is the perfect matte color for a little glow here and there. I know the Nars Laguna Vs. Hoola is a huge debate and after trying both it is definitely Hoola for me. The Laguna is too shimmery and would look like Edward Cullen in the sun I think.

5. Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette- 12 shadows in rose colored hues, 4 of which are matte. At first this palette made me a little nervous as it has some shimmer and all of the shades are in the pink family but I love it.  There is nothing to be afraid of! The only slightly disappointing aspect is the names of the shadows. The other palettes have suggestive names that can somehow be tied in with "Naked" if your mind works like that. I mean c'mon- who doesn't want to tell someone they are wearing Walk Of Shame today?



The next item I have for you was a Christmas present to myself. I have heard wonderful things about this product and despite it being a bit on the expensive side I decided to just go for it.


GlamGlow Supermud mask. Originally I planned to take a before, during and after picture but this mask works so well I just couldn't. The reason being that you can see all of the oil and impurities being pulled from your skin and mine was seriously gross. I can't say enough and will absolutely purchase this mask again.

I am in the market for a moisturizer to use after the mask and would love suggestions! But really, I need help! What do you use?




  1. I have been wanting to try that mask forever but it's so darn expensive! I think they have sample sizes on their website, I'll have to look.

  2. It is really expensive and I hate to be that girl but it is worth it. Try, mine was only $45 dollars! Which comparatively isn't bad!


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