Wine Down Wednesday.

Good afternoon blog land! I am blogging to ya'll today from 7 degree weather that will feel like -10 tonight. I am also buried (not really, I ventured into the world briefly) under a foot of snow. Perhaps a little more but I mean who really knows. I also am no longer fighting a cold but am a sneezy, coughing and disgusting mess. I know, how attractive can one human being be. So despite the title of this post being about wine-ing down, tonight,  I think I will be "baileys-and-hot-chocolate-plus-nyquil-ing down. That's just too hard to fit into a title and doesn't own a category in my little dot com corner.

Moving on.

Since I was blessed with a snow day and runny nose I spent the majority of my day scouring Pinterest and various blogs for inspiration. What I came up with was uncontrollable jealousy after reading Erin's vacation recap over at Three Thirds Hazel and depression over my lack of creativity and money from pinterest-surfing. (I should mention I made it out to run a few errands and a little dress modeling. Find pics on twitter @pearls_sass.) So anyway since today is such a relaxing day with such strong jealousy, I would like to present-

If Life Were Pinterest Perfect with your host, me.

If life were pinterest perfect I would be packing my bags and jetting off to this picture perfect location in Cabo San Lucas. I would be able to lounge on the beach while drinking fruity cocktails and spend my evenings eating amazing dinners only to burn calories by dancing the night away. Except since life would be perfect calories wouldn't actually exist, duh.


If life were pinterest perfect I would have a cute little apartment decorated impeccably, where I could be as active or lazy as I wanted with no one to answer or explain myself too. I mean so what if a girl wants to bake chocolate cookies at midnight or do a circuit workout at 2am. Yolo, baby.



Speaking of baking. If life were perfect I would make amazing meals and desserts every night and the dishes would wash themselves. I am working on transitioning this one into a real life skill. The cooking that is. Stay tuned. (Those calories wouldn't matter either.. obviously. )

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If life were perfect this would be a casual outfit for me opposed to the leggings, sweatshirt and boots look I rock daily. Oh yeah and there would be a photographer following me around to catch moments like these.



Finally, if life were pinterest perfect I would be blessed with the time and creativity to make something like this happen.



However, life isn't perfect. Not even a little bit. It's okay because I still have a roof over my head and adult hot chocolate to relax with. I have puffs next to my warm bed and dinner in the oven. So, without all of the extras, I'm as rich as they come. In love, happiness and morals that is!

It's about that time, folks. Happy hump day!


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