Heart Cookies.

Hello all! Tomorrow is Valentine's day so I'm here with a super simple cookie recipe and my unfortunate attempt at making cookies in the shape of hearts. However there is something a bit more important than the cookies. USA hockey, duh! US is up 7-1 over Slovakia and I am just too excited to contain myself. The only issue is hearing "scored against Chara." It's really hurting my brain. I'm so used to that being a negative thing.

One more issue- I really really really dislike Brooks Orpik after the whole Thornton incident earlier this season. If you missed out here is a short recap- Brooks Orpik (Penguins) threw a dirty high shoulder at Loui Eriksson(Bruins) during a game injuring Eriksson and leaving him on the IR for close to a month. Sean Thornton, the Bruins "enforcer" approached Orpik after the incident who declined a fight. Later in the same game Penguin, James Neal, skated by Brad Marchand who was down on the ice and kneed him in the head. Thornton had enough, skated over to Orpik pulled him out of a scuffle and sucker punched him leaving him temporarily KO'd on the ice. Orpik was taken off on a stretcher and diagnosed with a concussion. The part that still frustrates me so much is that Thornton was given a 15 game suspension for an incident that 9 times out of 10 will be nothing more than a fight. Neal was given 6 games, when my opinion, kneeing someone in the head will injure them more severely than a punch in most cases. While Orpik was back skating just a few days later the same could not be said for Eriksson. I don't want to hear about Orpik but if he can help team USA be team gold then I will deal with it.

Okay, cookies.

IMG_0360 IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0367


The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, huh? I was looking for some simple cookies to make with the little girl I nanny, when I stumbled across the Betty Crocker sugar cookies in a bag option. If we're being honest I prefer the Pillsbury slice and bake as far as pre-made is concerned. Betty crocker was easy though, requiring just one egg and a half cup of butter.

Maddie helped me roll the cookies into balls and stick them on the cookie sheet which is why they are kind of all over the place as far as size and thickness. As for the hearts- I really tried! Once they cooled a bit we added some Nutella and red sugar sprinkles. I would also like to mention they taste significantly better than they look.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I will put up a little Valentine's Day makeup tutorial! Enjoy your Thursday and go USA!

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  1. How cute and lovely! I'll have to try making these sometime as well. <3

    I also have a cookie post today, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it (http://helloscarlettblog.com/2014/02/13/a-bloggers-dozen-bridgets-chocolate-chip-cookies-joyfill/). :-)




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