Do you ever have those days er, weeks where you want nothing more than to shut your brain off? Hi! That's me right now. It isn't all negative though. Thus, my post today was born. A collection of all the crazy thought swirling around in this noggin of mine plus some exciting news because well, I just don't like surprises.

  • Surprise! I'm switching to Blogger! I am really nervous and reading so many mixed reviews on which platform is better. Any help, advice or support will be greatly appreciated while I'm trying to build up my new blog!

  • I'm going to Luke Bryan with my family in August!! Hold on- gets better. Not only will Lukey be there but I will also see Lee Brice, Dierks Bentley AND Cole Swindell. Wait what? I know. Magic. in. one. concert.

  • Speaking of which all country fans listen to "I Don't Dance" by Lee Brice. I am listening to it on repeat.

  • Does anyone here read Two Thirds Hazel? Erin posted today about being the parent to kids that aren't yours and it made me one happy camper. I'm a nanny to two little girls who have completely stolen my heart. I went an entire week without seeing them and it was harder than you would think! We definitely have our days, but I wouldn't trade my job for the world. In regards to Erin's post I sometimes feel as though the other parents are mean to me or look down on me. For example, when I pick Maddie up at preschool there is a mom that ALWAYS slams the door in my face. Bitch. She will also make comments about how nannies just can't teach kids properly.In a days time I do everything they do so what gives them the right? I'm rambling. Just go read her post.

  • I told you all via twitter I was going to post about Wen hair care at some point this week. I'm not. Still trying to figure it out which I will explain when I finally get around to posting. Hopefully next week!

  • This seasons Bachelor sucks. Andi- That argument was confusing and forced I think. She just wants Bachelorette. Nikki- Really cute and I think would make an awesome girlfriend but I'm not convinced she is 100% ready to be a step mom. Claire- Well, she has crazy eyes. Something is just not right there. You know what JP? I think Renee was your best bet. Dumbass. Thoughts?

  •  I desperately need a new moisturizer. Please help!

This was a disaster of a post but what are you going to do? Enjoy Wednesday and follow me on twitter for updates on my new blog! @pearls_sass!



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  1. Much respect to Andi for bailing. What she was saying totally just happened to me like 2 months ago. JP didnt get to know her or anything about her life. Thats what building a relationship is all about. I totally understood her points.....With that being said I thought before the show that Andi was super hot but a dud! I mean I didnt see it going anywhere. Also since last night I extra cant stand JP. I think Andi made me realize how he really was....and now I dont want Nikki or Clare to be with him because he is a dick. Hahah. How do I know so much about this? well ummmmm. I dont know.

  2. I agree with all of the above! Thanks for reading.


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