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Today, I am enjoying a lovely snow day in Boston. I started my snowy-vacation-day last night when I purchased all of my favorite foods and a delicious bottle of red moscato to enjoy with a movie. As many of you know, my favorite thing to do on a snowy day is shop online. Duh. I could seriously be a professional. I also check social networks too frequently and stalk other bloggers. #sorrynotsorry?

Today during my shopping I found two new brands that I can not wait to try. The first being Valleau Apparel. We all know how much I love fitness clothes. By that I mean, that's all I wear and who doesn't like to look at least a little cute at the gym? Or dance class in my case, gotta look cute there. No sarcasm, I actually search high and low for cute and affordable sports bras for different classes. I found them!



Seriously how cute is that? I can't wait to get a couple and show them off!

Next, bathing suits. Okay so if you are following me on twitter you witnessed my rant about Victoria's Secret bathing suits this year. Don't get me wrong, I still love them but some are strange. Is no one concerned about tan lines this summer? I mean a crop top-kini.. what? I also feel as though everyone wears the same bathing suits all of the time so I was looking for something new and different. That's when I stumbled upon aqua swimwear! The bathing suits are completely different than anything you typically see on the beach and I couldn't possibly love them anymore. For whatever reason my computer is being a little bit of a pest so you will have to wait for me to post my own pictures when there isn't a foot of snow on the ground! Do you have any new favorite brands? I highly suggest these!


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