#100Happy Days Friday

As a part of the 100 Happy Days Challenge I promised to post pictures of some of the things that have made me happy over the last week. I should point out that these pictures aren't crazy exciting by any means. They do however, capture a moment in which I felt honestly happy. So far I have enjoyed forcing myself to find the good in my day, however grumpy I may be. It's usually something small that's causing me to smile but I think that's the point of this. To realize that in any given day we have so much to smile about and be thankful for.
Whats making me happy today? This cup of coffee sitting next to me paired with the knowledge that my orders from Lululemon AND Tobi are on their way to me right now! I should be frolicking around in some new outfits within the next couple of hours. Which reminds me- I'm so jealous of fashion bloggers! No one would be willing to take pictures of me and on the occasion I wear a real outfit, I think it should be documented.
I am also feeling really excited about my new blog design coming your way so soon! You can even get a sneak peak if you really really wanted to.  I hope you will travel on over there with me because I have exciting plans for the future! I also really like friends. Anyways, what makes me happy.
FIRST// I love dance competitions. I love watching everyone dance, I love watching the roller coaster of emotions that start at nervous and finish off at over -the-top excited, I love the smell of hairspray and lipstick in the morning. Most of all I love watching the way dance is evolving and changing. This past weekend I noticed that dance, competitive dance anyways, has taken one sassy turn. Given the name of my blog it's safe to assume I am loving it.
SECOND// Alright, so I already posted this picture in my blog this week. Without the excitement of the limo outside and the impending journey into the city to see our favorite hockey teams, my cousin is one of my best friends. She makes me laugh, is brutally honest (sometimes it is brutal, too) and has one of the biggest hearts I have ever come across.
THREE// A tea party with my munchkin. Just make sure your pinky is straight up when you're drinking water from your tear cup. As for the cookie, well that needs to be eaten slowly so you don't get a bellyache.
FOUR// This is what I thought was the first day of spring. It wasn't. I still pulled out my destroyed denim as well as my white Sperry's and I was damn happy doing it. Small life fail. By the way, I LOVE boat shoes.
FIVE// The real first day of spring complete with baby tulips and everything! If that isn't a light at the end of the polar vortex tunnel then I'm not sure what is.
What has been making you smile lately? I'm willing to bet the first day of spring did just a little bit. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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