Hello there friends! I am about 80% better which is about the best news I have had to share in what feels like forever. My immune system hasn’t crashed that bad in quite a while and I sure hope it does’t happen again any time soon. I obviously should’t count on my luck for anything in the near future. Anyone who comes down with strep, the bug AND pneumonia in one week is not a lucky person. NO scratch tickets anytime soon. Since I have made quite the little home on my couch for the last 9 days I have had quite a bit of time on my hands to surf social networks and buzzfeed. Two good things have come from this. A new challenge and well, buzzfeed is FULL of great information.
With my obsessive Instagram checking I discovered the 100 happy days challenge. A challenge encouraging all of you pretties to find something simple that makes your day and document it for 100 days. I use the word simple because the challenge aims to find the beauty and goodness in the world around us. The contest website,100happydays.com, spells out the rules for the challenge as well as where and why it began. My favorite rule- “#100HappyDays challenge is for you- Not for anyone else. It is not a happiness contest or a showing off competition.” I LOVE THIS. I am following a family friend on insta who will post a simple cup of coffee with a rolex or ray bans snuck in there somehow. Who are you trying to impress, bro?  Why is your cup of starbucks on a beautifully sunny day not enough. That’s a different story.
It only seems fitting that I also found a quote to kickoff my journey of 100 happy days. ” I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.” Everyday is a journey and a gift, embrace it. All of it.
So without further ado, my first happy day.

For those of you unfamiliar with these parts, Marylou’s is freaking delicious gourmet coffee. My personal favorite is the girl scout cookie which is a thin mint in coffee form. Yep, it is as magical and life changing as you’re imagining.
I started this challenge yesterday and I hope you will try it with me. I have chosen Fridays to upload my seven happy pictures for the week however you will also be able to find most of them on my instagram- @smurphy58! Who is with me and where can I find your happiness?

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