First Impressions.

Today I am thinking a lot about first impressions. First, because I have an interview this afternoon for a new job that I would really really really like to get. Second, because I just met a guy that is supposed to be doing some contracting work on my house and he gave me the worst handshake in the history of the world. I am definitely a handshake girl and I will probably make up my mind about you based entirely on the handshake you give me. Therefore, make it firm and look me in the eyes. Just not too firm. There is a difference between that and a "I want you to know I'm tough and strong" - if I get that I'll just think you're a prick. 

Interview. Ugh, nervous. I'm fairly certain its just a formality. I mean I'm not interviewing to be the new CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation but a lifestyle consultant at a gym. For me, that sounds pretty great right about now. Maybe if I work at a gym I will turn into a Victoria's Secret angel that much quicker? A girl has gotta have dreams in the world. Or maybe I can just make people smile and feel good about themselves which may be better than actually being an angel. In any case I want the job.

Upon meeting the people interviewing me I want them to think I am a super great person to have around and will fit in perfectly at the gym. A cracked a joke about bringing my blender bottle full of protein to the interview to make a good impression. It's a joke, I promise. My plan is to dress nicely but not go over the top, I would be wearing lululemon to work every day if hired, and add some simple makeup. I need to look extremely put together without trying too hard. I would like to compare it to the "perfectly imperfect messy bun" or something like that. You know? Spend 15 minutes on your hair just to make it look like you did it in .2 seconds but it still looks nice.

In order to stand out I just need to be myself and go from there. I would love the atmosphere of a gym and I'm pretty sure I won't have any problem showing it. If all goes according to plan my night will consist of a tip to Target and a few margaritas at one of my favorite bar's. 
Wish me luck ya'll! 

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