Summer favorites.

In dealing with any business or brand it's extremely important to have trustworthy and thorough customer service representatives. It may have something to do with me being the most impatient girl in the world, or perhaps it's the need for that little blue pill that keeps me on track most days, but I am a stickler about a timely response to emails. Regardless of the subject, answer my email within 24 hours or you are not  welcome to play in the same sandbox with me. As a matter of fact, I will probably say negative things about you because it bothers me so much. Sorry not sorry, meanies. 

If you have great customer service and respond to an email the same day- well I will just brag up a storm about you and probably dedicate a blog post to you. Similar to this one. So who am I bragging about today? UOI Online. Go now and check them out. Did you do it? Are you in love? I am. Here's a few of my summer favorites! 

I would like this immediately please. Actually no- quicker than that. 

THIS. I NEED THIS. How perfect is this outfit for a summer night. Add a little beer and fire. Maybe a s'more. Need it. 

I would wear this outfit everyday I think. Literally, every day. 

Now I'm off to drool over everything I want and plan places to wear it all. Oh the life I live. 

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  1. So sweet! Love the blog post! Us girls at UOI love to keep our customers happy :)


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