When to Splurge On Makeup

I wouldn't call myself a makeup fanatic but give me a couple of hundred dollars to spend in Sephora and it will be gone quicker than Starbucks concocts your favorite poison. On the other hand, as much as I enjoy wearing makeup, I enjoy any opportunity to not wear makeup even more. My favorite relationship with it is in my pajamas with glass of wine watching Jaclyn Hill and Casey Holmes videos.

I did some bridesmaids' makeup before a wedding last weekend and it looked like Sephora threw up in my bathroom.

After a few years of video watching, experimenting and practicing on friends I have picked up a trick or two. I'm a sucker for new products so odds are if I see a product review that tickles my fancy I'll somehow get my hands on it within the next 24 hours. Patience obviously isn't  a strong suit of mine. I live your stereotypical "ramen noodle a night" life so drugstore products are often more realistic for my wallet. Unfortunately, the heart wants what it wants and what may not be realistic for my wallet may just be a little too realistic for my heart. 

As you can see from above- this girl really loves her makeup and I have A LOT of it. There are a few products I will always go back to despite the price. 

1. Primer
In the picture above you'll see the Maybelline Magic Lumi primer. This light infusing primer is nice for the summer months and I love to use it after a day in the sun under a light foundation for dinner and drinks. There's just one problem. If I use this primer alone my makeup will disappear before my first drink. Ain't nobody got time for that.

That's why I stick to my Smashbox primers. Even with the Magic Lumi I will always apply Smashbox first. My two favorites are the fan favorite Photo Finish primer and the Blemish Control primer which comes in the blue tube. Primer comes in direct contact with my irrationally sensitive skin so I like to stick with what I know and love. Otherwise I'm waking up like a twelve year old covered in pimples.

2. Foundation
You'll see my all time favorite foundation in the top right hand corner of this picture. MAC Face and Body.  Oh I just love, love, love this foundation! It's really lightweight but provides a nice even skin tone. I like to avoid anything that remotely resembles spreading frosting on my face so this works perfect for me. Most importantly, it's a formula that doesn't clog my pores or dry me out. I have tried many drugstore foundations and within hours I am breaking out like crazy.

3. Skincare
This one is kind of tough for me because there are drugstore skin care routines that have made my skin rather happy in the past. What I have noticed is that high end skincare keeps my skin cleaner and clearer more consistently. I had my monthly visit from mother nature last weekend for the wedding and was comforted in knowing my skincare regimen would keep things at bay during this hormone crazy week!

I can find a drugstore favorite for just about everything else but primer, foundation and skincare are three things I will always be a brat about. Are there any products you just can't live without? 

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