Water with a side of lemon

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I start every day with a glass of water and lemon. I started adding lemon to my water a few years ago and call me crazy but I notice a difference. Especially in my energy level and skin. Lemon's aren't listed in the dirty dozen but if I can buy organic for a reasonable price, I prefer to. I like my water pesticide free. So why lemon water?

                                                                                          I'm obsessed with this new juice bar in town!
1.Aids in digestion and detoxification
Lemon juice keeps food moving through your digestive track with ease and efficiency. It also encourages your body to process foods a bit slower which means your insulin is balanced for longer (energy) and you're able to draw out a few more nutrients! Lemon also stimulates the liver which flushes out toxins. I pee one million times a day, it's fine.

2. Vitamin C
Move over oranges, there's a new sheriff in town. Lemon water. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production which is vital when it comes to fighting off a cold or flu. Since your body can't produce the vitamin on its own it needs to come from an outside source.

3. Skin
This is one of my favorite benefits because I can see the improvement quick. This perk relates directly back to the one listed above, Vitamin C. The essential vitamin stimulates collagen production which researchers believe could result in fewer wrinkles. Within a couple of days, I always notice my skin looking clear and bright. 

4. Boosts mood
I recently added lemon to my essential oils "smiles" collection! I don't know if it's the lemon or the coffee brewing but I usually have a smile on my face in the morning!


  1. I see your point. I must try this too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love starting my day with lemon water too!



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