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When I nanny, my nanny babe likes to give me philosophical lessons that always start with "sometimes people just.." and usually end with "just don't like to be tickled right now, Shannon." Sorry, nanny babe. Otherwise known as just Babe. Using inspiration from the things around me I think I will say- sometimes, people just don't have any motivation. 

That would be ME lacking in motivation. A glimpse into my thoughts for y'all: 
I really need to take a shower. But I don't want to take a shower until I go tanning. I also need to go to the bank so do I do that before or after tanning? I should really go soon my hair is gross. I need a coffee too but would get judged if I walked into Starbucks looking like this. Dunkin Donuts drive-thru it is. OH NOPE- Marylous for the win. Shannon, get in the damn car.

Here I go to go tanning, get a coffee, go to the bank, apply a face mask for studying and then finally shower. Now I'm plagued with the thoughts of how much the real world will suck when these are a serious problem for me. 

The real point of this post was to share a story from yesterday. I held a door for this older woman as I usually do and she said "Well, aren't you a sweetheart. I hope you have a beautiful day hun." Well, that just made my day. If by holding a door and sharing a smile can make not only mine but someone else's day then we should always find little ways to make people happy. 

Okay, I'm going for real now. 


  1. I always try to compliment at least one person on a daily basis....seeing someone light up like that is the best feeling!

    1. It totally is. Thank you for reading!


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