The Final Count Down.

Once May 1st rolls around it is the final countdown for a lot of things here in this neck of the woods. I mean, this year, it's the final countdown for underage drinking! That's right after Thursday there is no more hearing "I feel like you're 25 why can't you drink?" or my personal favorite "Why are you such a baby?" Now I will love those comments. I can legally drink and look like a spring chicken while doing it.  Go ahead bartender, triple check that ID- this one is real! 

May is also the final countdown for that beach bod. In the last weekend I consumed a burrito, CBZ, chips, wine (a lot of wine), brownies, chocolate covered oreos, steak tips and mashed potatoes. Alright, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead but you get the idea. My body is not at all ready. Not even a little bit. Thus commencing my eat clean and INSANITY lifestyle. Yep, I am starting Insanity. Lawd help me,  please. I may post a few pictures of the clean eating and maybe progress but we'll see so be sure to follow me on Instagram! (I can promise there will be more birthday pictures than you want to see but I offer no apology for that.) Through Insanity I'm hoping to slim down my legs, define my arms and hopefully see the most progress in my abs. Right now, those babies look a little something like this. 

Over the weekend I had someone tell me it looks like I'm not eating. I was wearing a dress that made me look thin but I sure as hell don't look like I'm not eating. Hearing that brought me back to a pretty unpleasant time for me and I'm determined to look like i'm in shape and work hard for my body. Not that I'm just skinny. I just don't understand why no one can think before they speak. 

Along those lines, my last goal is to be as confident in myself as possible.  If you notice- girls who love themselves first and foremost, command the most respect and admiration. Recently I have been stalking a girl, popular for her youtube videos, on twitter and Instagram. Niykee Heaton, at first seemed like this crazy sex symbol with no respect for herself. Just a girl looking for likes which she get's plenty of. I mean yeah, she's gorgeous but all of those selfies... C'mon. Upon some further research (it's finals week, what do you want me to do in the library? Study..?) she is proud of who she is and encourages all to feel the same. What's wrong with that? Who am I to judge someone for the amount of selfies they take and upload. If they feel beautiful and great about where they are, then they are in a better place than me. Now, all I want is to upload pictures like that daily. The above selfie was Niykee Heaton inspired. Check her out, I think she's the best. 


  1. I really like your post. I can't tell you how many times people mention the way that I eat or the fact that I work out, and it's good to hear other stories. People won't change the way that they view you, but as long as you don't make yourself out to be anything that you're not then who really cares? Love always

    1. I have been doing my best lately. Thank you for reading! xo


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