When Blogging takes over..

The blog world is a hard one to break into. I have started and stopped blogging a handful of times over the last couple years and it is almost always because I feel that I can't keep up with the Jones'. Every time I come back for more I tell myself this is my shot. This is time to make people listen to what I want to say. Here's the problem- I sit in front of an empty space and have no words to fill the page with. "No one wants to read about your life, Shan" or "that may be a good recipe but there is nothing cool about those pictures" I tell myself.

So how do I create a blog that makes it to the big leagues? Simple. I worry solely about my voice and what I have to say. I reach out to other bloggers.  I read, learn from and enjoy their content. I started blogging to clear my mind and use my voice in a productive light. I wanted to look back on these very pages one day and remember every raw moment of my twenties. Hopefully, I will have grown from them and I can look back with a smile.

I also hope I'll be driving a car that doesn't make horrible noises when it starts and I will be able to spring for the good fruit at the grocery store EVERY week. 

With all of that being said let's talk about the struggles of "keeping up with the Jones."

First things first, cute selfies. I mean how long did it take you to capture that perfectly-imperfect selfie. It looks like these bloggers just lift their iPhone 6s, smile and magic! A beautiful selfie. When I bring my phone to face height I'm met with seven chins and a pimple the size of Mars. Is there an app for perfection or is it something you're born with? I don't have either.
This took me way too long. Just so you know.

Next, I'm looking at you fashion bloggers. Nine times out of ten fashion bloggers are tucking their long loose curls behind their ear while staring at nothing on the ground. You know the pose. It's awkward and no one actually stands like that. Once pinned, somehow thousands of girls throughout the country just NEED every article of clothing in that picture. Oh and the model? Why is life so unfair!?

Bloggers posting recipes- How do you always remember to snap pictures step-by-step? Do your dishes always come out delicious while you're blogging because sometimes I blog too hard and don't pay quite enough attention to the dish.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. The pictures are never good enough. Someway the pictures I'm aiming to take look so simple.

Lastly, perhaps the sing most frustrating blogging moment- you have an idea for a GREAT post at an entirely inopportune moment. That idea is a goner the next time you sit at your computer. Blogging is a constant struggle. I love the struggle.

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