Comparison is a Bitch

If you're anything like me you spend countless hours a week scrolling through your Instagram feed, lusting over tropical getaways and outfits that could make Princess Kate drool. For me, these scrolling sprees usually take place either shortly after I have opened my eyes in the morning and/or right before drifting off to dreamland at night. My feelings quickly turn from lust to longing every.damn.time.

"Why don't I have that many followers?"
"How can she afford all of these clothes and those vacations?"
"I really need to make myself write more."
 "Damn it, why won't my blog grow?"
"These dreams will never happen."
"People don't care what you have to say and offer."

Do any of those sounds familiar?

These internal questions set me up for failure daily. The second I take a peak down the rabbit hole of comparison I am sucked in quick and there's no looking back. In an attempt to live up to the following of fashion and travel bloggers, the rest of my day is consumed with thoughts of what to blog about and the need to be somewhere cool to Instagram. The more I think, the harder to post anything at all. The truth is that right now, I am far from a travel blogger. (It's definitely on the goal sheet!) Further, I will NEVER be a fashion blogger. I like athleisure apparel and sweat too much. 

What I am, is a little bit of a hot mess sometimes. I feel like a little fish in a big tank nine times out of ten and am doing my best to adult daily. All I really need to make me happy is a Beyoncé playlist and a cup of coffee. As much as I love to sweat, I really love to lay in bed with my dog. I love to travel but my budget is tight. 

Comparison is a bitchy little voice that tells my voice it isn't good enough. It makes the joys of my day seem small and insignificant. Comparison tells me just how big I am allowed to dream and tries to force me away from my goals. 

 My moments, my streets and my people are of equal value than what I'm searching for. Speaking authentically allows me to connect to others and show up for myself every day. Sharing myself allows me to grow into a big fish in this tank of life. 

I'm definitely a work in progress but I'm trying to turn my scrolling-induced jealousy sessions into motivation to reach my goals my way. 

I'm enough.
You. Are. Enough. 


  1. Omg, all of these, I totally understand!! It really is a bitch.. but also it's a good way to motivate yourself and give yourself some goals -- just don't take it too seriously, and be realistic!

    1. Thanks for reading! It's definitely important to not take things too seriously, I am in the constant practice of that!

  2. this is really nice post.I agree with you & get it !


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