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I have read multiple blogs recently that are using the "I'm the kinda girl who" tag. Therefore I have decided to take the plunge and turn this Friday into an informercial about me. Yikes!

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-- preaches about girls feeling their best and being confident in themselves, but overanalyzes every aspect of myself.

-- fills up my wine glass to the max with every pour. The only negative is when I head to dinner. The glasses of wine I am served at restaurants are disappointing as hell.

-- Can't have anyone touching my things. Not sure what it is, just don't touch my stuff. The claws will come out.

--Loves material items but knows money does't buy happiness. As you may have noticed in a recent post, I love expensive things. However, I love my family and the necessities I take for granted every day even more.

-- Is the best flip cup player in the world. If there was a flip cup olympics, this little lady would take home gold.

--Goes to bed at night looking forward to breakfast in the morning.

-- Will people watch and create a story for everyone I come across. Occasionally, I stumble across someone who really interests me. In those situations I wonder what their real story is for a couple of days. Creepy? Maybe.

--Finds standing in the rain (during the summer only) one of the most relaxing things I can do. I always feel as though the rain is washing all of the negatives away.


--Cringes like a child at romantic or uncomfortable scenes in movies.

-- Can enjoy myself in a sports bar with a pitcher of beer but would jump at any black tie event I could get my hands on.

-- Has two favorite outfits. Sundresses and sweatpants.

-- Pretends not to see people I know in public in an attempt avoid awkward conversation. On the other hand I will always smile at strangers and say "hello" in hopes of brightening their day just a little bit.

--Tries to change my makeup just a tiny bit everyday.

-- Loves spending time with friends but loves time alone just a little bit more. Netflix and wine are a girls best friend.

-- Want's nothing more than to have a diamond ring and to plan a wedding. The only issue is I don't actually want to be married after. At least for right now anyway.

-- Plans out every conversation in my head before it happens and overthinks every mundane situation I can.

-- Is the least romantic in the world but definitely believes in love.

-- Really really really dislikes wearing pants.

-- Expects everyone to always drive over the speed limit and be in as much of a rush as I am. Always.

-- Is thankful. For everything I have and everyone I love.

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