Throwin' it back- Twitter style.

In the  spirit of throwback Thursday, I figured going through my old tweets would be hilarious.. or frightening. Last night I watched an 18 year old Gracie Gold compete in the olympics and capture America's heart. I couldn't help but think about what a hot mess I was at 18. So here are a couple tweets depicting just how terrible it was. Good lord.

Let's set a few ground rules shall we?

1. No making fun of me! I do it well enough on my own. Some of my tweets are well, dramatic.

2. Tweeting sad love songs is no longer okay after 19, under any circumstances. Don't do it.

Welcome into the inner public thoughts of my high school life. Yikes.

Disclaimer: You are about to embark on an embarrassing trip down memory lane.

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ONE// This would be when I had my cartilage pierced. I knew my Dad would be furious but I did it anyway. He was pretty angry.

TWO// 18 year old Shannon(s)why the HELL did you think this was okay? It's not. "tryna get shitted" well aren't you just the shit. This, my friends, is why there is a drinking age. Good god.

THREE// Bad high school breakup, duh. You keep tweeting sad love songs Shan, no one knows what they're about....

FOUR// My entire dance team, otherwise known as the best part of my high school career, came down with some strange stomach bug that we kept passing between one another. Mine was more of a virus that wouldn't go away and when all was said and done I had lost about 18 pounds. Strange huh?  The kids in school were asking my friends if I had an eating disorder.


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