Life Lately.

Life Lately: you know since I have been lost in space. Drowning in school work and the absolute craziness that is the NHL playoffs. Only a couple weeks of school left and then I will be free to blog as much as my heart desires! I just can't wait. I'm hoping with a little extra time for pictures and planning my blog with grow a whole lot but now that I'm typing this out it probably won't happen. I guess we will see what happens and go from there. Let's catch you up shall we? 
Easter with my family was the best, obviously. So is starting the day with an amazing friend for a springy easter breakfast. I absolutely love spending time with my family especially if it involves pastels and wine. Sangria, to be exact. This year was the first year I've contributed as an actual person on easter. I made some sangria AND easter macaroon cookies. The sangria was significantly better than the cookies but if you have good wine what else do you need? Watching the Bruin's with my favorite cousins isn't half bad either. Just kidding.. it's the best way to do it. 
Let's start with food. Breakfast, cookies and sangria. 

Some pictures with the best cousins ever. Emily, Katherine and Cuda or Caroline. Who isn't part of the family yet but hopefully sooner than later it will be official and she will marry my cousin Mike. She's close enough. Last but not least, Murphy, a little chocolate lab full of playful curiosity. 

She's the best right? Somehow I ended sunday night celebrating a Bruin's win with a scorpion bowl. Monday was a wear sunglasses inside kind of day as I'm sure you could imagine.  
How did you celebrate easter? 

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