What To Expect from Springfest.

Spring is here and summer is coming. Hopefully for you Spring is bringing warmer temps and happier flowers than it is here. I also hope you have or have had a Spring Weekend or Springfest, whatever it may be, to look forward to. I have compiled a little list of the people and events to expect at Springfest. Some are personal experience and some overall observations. Have you witnessed anything I missed? The gossip girl in me obviously wants to hear ALL about it.

ONE// Waking up to Instagram and Snapchat overflowing with pictures of funnels and shot-taking at approximately 9am. Breakfast? Who needs it. It will just be thrown up around noon.  So you cleared your snapchat stories 45 seconds ago? Well don't worry you have at least 10 more to watch. Everyone who funnels gets a story. Duh. 

TWO// The classless tweeter. "Omg throwing up at noon. Ahh springfest wins! #notdone #yolo" This is also coming from the girl complaining boys aren't giving her enough attention. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that most respectable guys aren't going to find your mid-day vom sesh cute. 

THREE// The outfits. We will have the girls that had shirts made and look like they are tackling their first high school powder puff game. Then, we have the girls who think that since "Spring" is essentially being celebrated they don't need to wear clothes. "This crop top covers at least my bra. It's spring so why not?" Finally we have the logical girls. Ones that may wear spring colors but dress for the days elements. For instance- a sweater or jacket if it's raining. Of course, despite what you choose to wear those other girls will judge you 10 times over. 

FOUR// The person trying to discuss the meaning of life with you, or the one trying to give you a warm embrace inevitably spilling the entire contents of their solo cup on you. Typically in this situation you are either too intoxicated to care or you go from joyful to downright pissed faster than your jaw dropped when you found out Dan was Gossip Girl.

FIVE// The girl and/or guy in your 8am class that tells you, you clean up nice. So basically I look like shit at 8am, right? When I walk into class on Monday I will be sure that my messy bun, running makeup and I give you an extra smile. 

SIX// "Okay guys, it's 3pm and I NEED to eat if I'm going to make it through the night." After drinking all day it's important to add some fuel to that vodka-burning fire. I mean who wants to be the one that calls it quits after sunlights version of Springfest? Things totes get crazy after dark. Gosh. But really, you should eat. Go for grease and bread. You're welcome. 

SEVEN// Prepare to run out of alcohol. It's scary how much you can drink during the day and how much it will take to keep you going at night. Have an emergency plan. You will need it I'm telling you. 

EIGHT// The following days tweets about either surviving or not quite making it.  Everyone is in the same boat on Monday morning. Just avoid eye contact when necessary. Lord knows we all do it.

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