Lust by definition is; a passionate or overmastering desire or craving. Because finals are upon us and I just happen to be a professional procrastinator, as well as pinterester, I haven't been able to stop thinking about everything I'm lusting over. Let me tell you, there's a lot. While there are a few people I am lusting after, you know, Chase Crawford and Chuck Bass, most of the list is obtainable. 

Travel. I am lusting over a vacation week where I can throw caution to the wind and get out of my daily routine. Whether that takes me to Vegas, the cape or California I just need to go. In a dream world I would end up in Europe with nothing but myself and a backpack. Only to then move to Australia, open a pure barre and get married on the beach. By the way you can obviously find everything I want in my wedding on a Pinterest board. They keep emailing me with the subject line "Are you planning a wedding?" No, Pinterest I'm not. No one wants to marry me I just happen to be an overworked, day-dreaming college student. 

New bathing suits. Bathing suits make my heart go boom boom. I'm not sure why since they are a whole lot of nothing but I think the world is happier naked. Not for real naked but if I had the option to wear a bikini everyday; sign me up. It's about time I order myself a bathing suit from Triangl and I can not wait to get it! Good luck getting me out of it. Is there a warm, beachy location in the world where I can make a living making drinks in a bathing suit on the beach? 

Any other procrastinators out there find random instagram accounts with amazing clothes and or toned bodies? I have found more than a couple in my most recent procrastinating days and all I want is a toned little body with a Lady Luxe Boutique Bandange dress to put on it. I dare you to find a dress from there that wouldn't make you feel like Beyonce. I need one for my birthday and it will be the sassiest dress I have ever owned. Lust. 

Lusting over my first lake weekend on the boat with a drink in my hand. I need it all and I needed it yesterday. 

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