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Today is a super big day in the world. My little baby bug, Maddie, turns four! I have been babysitting her since she was two and it blows my mind thinking about how much has changed in those two years. She grew out of diapers, she uses big girl silverware, she knows more words in the english language than me and she has a sense of humor that cracks me up everyday. My priorities are definitely different then most my age but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

It's not uncommon for my friends to call me an old soul. Actually, it happens once a day but who's counting? I think this old soul thing really came into play when I started nannying. I mean I have always been relatively reserved in regards to most but it has never been a significant difference until recently. 

For instance Tuesday-Thursday every week my thoughts are based around a four year old.  I think about whether she is playing enough, watching too much TV or eating healthy enough. I think about what I want for her in the future and how I want her to develop as a person. I want her to be kind and accepting of everyone around her. I want her to always be confident and happy with herself. I want her to always use her manners and be respectful of everyone. I want her to know right from wrong and have the tools she needs to make decisions that are best for her. Most importantly I want her to know that she is the most loved four year old in the world. 

I'm not a mom and don't plan on being a real one any time soon. However when I think about the four year old little girl that runs toward me with her arms wide open screaming "Shannon! I'm so happy to see you!" in the middle of my gloomy days, I can't imagine loving a little person any more. Even when I'm the subject of mom jokes from my friends, I'm proud of it. I kiss boo-boos, give baths, make dinners and healthy snacks, wipe slimy noses and turn into a big huge pile of mush whenever I hear "I love you Shannon." 

Sometimes, Maddie and I may not see eye to eye. Lord knows we have seen our fair share of time outs and nap time breaks but she brings me more smiles than anyone I know. So a big huge Happy  4th Birthday to my love bug! 

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