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I have been pretty MIA this week. Do you ever have those days/weeks, whatever they may be, where you have a ton of thoughts exploding out of your head at every moment but absolutely nothing to say. That's how I have felt recently. At any given moment there is a film strip of thoughts running a million miles an hour through my head. But when I sit down and come head to head with the daunting blank space just waiting for me say something worth reading, I have nothing. 

I have started four posts this week alone that are now sitting as drafts just waiting for me to finish them so they can join the sunlight in blog land. I just can't. So there they sit, in the dungeon that is my drafts folder. I want more than anything to be the brave girl that rescues them but my brain just isn't working that way.

I have no cool home decorating to show you. I don't yet have pictures of the clothes I would like to sell via blog sale. I don't have any great life or love stories because part of my heart is across the country. At least I think it is but one can never be too sure. I don't have much wisdom because at this point I'm just trying to make it through the end of the semester. I'm not even entirely sure I have a nannying job for this summer which makes me want throw up and cry at the same time. 

So there it is. I have a million and one thoughts that I can tell you in one quick paragraph but when it comes to actually explaining them. Well good heavens that is just not happening. I feel confused more often than not but in some strange way I feel incredibly alive at the same time. I have done my best to adopt this "whatever will be will be" attitude and I think for the most part I am doing as well as can be expected. 

I have tried to make plans to travel this summer. Ideally I could be super impulsive and click "book" on those three trips sitting in my Expedia travel history and see where the wind takes me. If I was sure I would have a job for the summer than maybe I would. If I was able to click that book button maybe I would discover where all the pieces of my heart are. Maybe I would discover whatever it is I'm looking for. If I'm even looking for anything.

Right now all I know for sure is that my birthday is in 21 days, I have no idea what I want out of my 21st year and I'm okay with that. For the first time I'm not overthinking things but living in the moment. What if we place too much importance on the future and not enough on the present. We are missing so much life that way. Missing laughs, sunshine, friends and moments. 

I am also sure that the only way I got through this post is by listening to one of my favorite Spotify playlists. Music makes my heart incredibly happy while taking away all my worries and throwing them to the wind. Even if its only temporary. This is where you come in. Any suggestions for your girl? 

I suggest you download some of these guys. They're phenomenal. Weird combo I know.

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  1. The xx! I really like their songs. :)

    BTW, would you like to follow each other? Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin'. :)

    Katherine @ Nested Thoughts


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