Social Media Etiquette

After scrolling through Instagram yesterday only to come across a picture of a girl laying out in nothing but her thong, I have decided to post about Do's and Don'ts of Social media. Ladies, posting pictures of yourself barely dressed at bizarre times is not cute. A bathing suit shot during the summer with some friends? Totally acceptable. Posting a picture of you in a thong from last summer while it's snowing. No thank you. As for Facebook. All of you posting about how negative the world is and all of your views on friends getting engaged.. my god, get a diary. Thus, I have compiled a list of helpful rules. 

  • Do ignore the negativity. Don't comment or get involved in drama on any platform. This includes Facebook, subtweets and mean comments on Instagram. It's the graceful thing. 
  • Do think before you upload pictures or tag them. There is NOTHING in this world worse than getting a notification that you have been tagged in a picture and not be able to do anything about it until you are in front of a computer. Be nice to your friends, don't tag unflattering pictures. If they think being tagged in that picture will get them a husband, they will tag it.
  • Do consider the way you are wording tweets and posts. There is a huge difference between really feeling grateful and bragging. It may be tricky but you have to find it if you want to keep followers. 
  • Don't overcrowd anyones newsfeed. I get frustrated when I scroll through Instagram to find 10 pictures uploaded by the same person at the same event within 30 seconds. I also don't like a million tweets all at once. Short, concise tweeting is best. If it's longer than 140 characters- get a blog.
  • Don't ever, ever, ever post anything you wouldn't say in front of or show your grandmother. Maybe a word here and there in a tweet can slip. You know the ones that would get your mouth washed out with soap? Posting a picture in your underwear on any social networking platform is not a good look. 

Social networks are something most, if not all companies check in their hiring process. They are also a great tool to market yourself. It may just be the old soul my friends tell me I have but I wouldn't want to market myself as a girl who doesn't have her stuff together. I try to look put together and happy at all times. Definitely always classy.
What are some of your biggest social media pet peeves? 

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