That time I turned 21.

I have been looking forward to my 21st birthday for the last year. My official countdown began 28 days away and the anticipation was building each time I said "__ more sleeps!" I planned to go out with my friends and have one large party ALL weekend. Well you know what they say, the best laid plans often go awry. Hot damn did they ever. 

So my birthday was Thursday and the girlfriends and I were supposed to get drink to celebrate Friday. Everyone ditched me. Both days/nights. I was the most bummed out birthday gal you have ever seen. This is why I developed my blog, hoping maybe someone will listen to me. I digress.

There comes my family to save the day! If I didn't have incredible cousins and friends to save my weekend i'm not sure what I would have done. Luckily I do. I ate way too much and probably, most likely gained nearly 10 pounds in a weekend. On my actual birthday I went to dinner with my parents and my cousin where I ordered my first legal drink. A glass of pinot noir. I try to be the epitome of class, my friends. 
Shannon Ridge wine. How cool? 
Friday night was a country bar with the most amazing cousins ever. We had more nachos than anyone should ever consume and a delicious wrap. Then there was a drink called "American girl" which was red, white and blue. So cool and so pretty! Then the waitress puts it in front of me and said "make sure you mix it up. This is just for show and it won't taste great." How disappointing is that? What if I just wanted it to stay pretty!? Oh well. I also got a birthday shooter which was Baileys with whipped cream and sprinkles AND a fried twinkie. It was disgustingly delicious. As in I was eating it and thinking about how gross the concept of a fried twinkle is. 

Saturday was dinner, bruins and pomegranate margaritas at the Yard House. My new favorite spot. Can't beat a great atmosphere and been better company. Fallan, was literally the best date picking me up and buying dinner as well as making me cupcakes. Delicious, colorful cupcakes. 

Sunday brought Mother's Day and more family time. What started as a disappointing birthday ended as an incredible weekend with the people that I love most. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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