Pinterest Taught Me..

Yesterday I left reality and traveled to , er, cloud seven for a few hours. I associate cloud nine with love and all of those googly eyed emotions, so I think seven is a pretty adequate description. I spent way too many hours of yesterday watching either SVU or NCIS and pinning all of the food, drinks, wedding, home and fashion pins I could. I haven't been much of a pinner in recent months but I looked down to start and before I knew it two hours had passed and I had 150 text messages begging for a response. (Damn group texts.)

While on my pinning spree, I compiled a short list of random facts I learned about myself: 

  • I need to marry pretty rich to keep up with all of clothes and accessories I "need" to keep me happy. 
  • I can't decide on just one theme for a wedding so I should probably just have two.(Weddings that is, not themes. I mean duh, that'd be tacky. But planning a second wedding before making it to my first. Now that's class.) One will be nautical while the other will be rustic. A couple things I do know for sure- there will be a bridesmaids vs. groomsmen flip cup tourney and lots of peony. Oh, btw.. no one wants to marry me yet. 
  • I'm not a creative person at all. All of those days here and there I thought I was clever and maybe just a little creative. I was wrong.  Unless you can take a dirty, old 4X4 and turn it into a centerpiece in either your living room, or kitchen- you don't even get to think your million dollar painting is worthy of Pinterest. 
  • I learned there are a million different delicious summertime drinks to enjoy on the beach or by the pool. Maybe just a couple in the afternoon because, why not? It's summertime. Then I stumbled across the reality of those delicious drinks and it hurt.. It hurt real bad. 

  • I learned that I'm lazy. The "easy" DIY's and "easy" dinner recipes still seem like way too much work. If something is labeled "quick and easy" it shouldn't come with a 30 minute prep time and an hour cook time. When I get home at night and want a real quick and easy dinner I have 15 minutes in my tops. If that does't happen then I want a Kit Kat bar. 
  • I have a pair of pumps that I really really like? So what? Other people have entire closets dedicated to Louboutin. 
  • Oh and as good as I think my workouts are- they're not. 
Above are just a few of the harsh realities I faced yesterday while pinning my day away, pants-less on my couch none-the-less. I'm just wondering- who are these people that have so much motivation to spend hours on making dinner every night and hundreds or thousands of dollars on elaborate closets and designer accessories? Are they real life stepford wives? If so- how do I become a stepford 20 something? 

Sometimes I have all of the motivation to work out and make the world around me pretty, but other times I just want to sit on my couch without pants and drink tea while pinning all of the perfect things I will never accomplish and I think that is A-okay. If you want to catch my next pinning spree you can follow me here. If you would like to catch my occasional failed attempts at pinterest in real life, please follow here.


  1. So.. how about a rustic theme? :) -- I kinda love this.

    1. Oh my goodness- you made me future wedding! I definitely love those!


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