Staying Pretty in the Summer Heat.

Good morning, Monday. You just show up before I know what hit me every weekend. Lucky for me, I happen to have this little ol' Monday off. If you follow me on twitter you would have noticed that I am on a month long health kick and am doing my best to get this body of mine in tip top, Miss USA shape. That being said, this Monday morning started off with a whole lot of sweating at the gym. Shout out to Miss Nevada!

This morning I completed-
Box jumps- 20 reps
One leg barbell squats (the other leg on the bench)-5 sets of 5 reps
Lying leg curl- 3 sets of 12 reps
Calf press- 3 sets of 12 reps
lying hip press with 20 pound plate- 30 reps
20 minutes of cardio

I read somewhere along my recent travels that water infused with citrus, cucumber, lemon and mint cleanse the system and give a little extra boost of energy. Obviously I had to try it, turning me into its number one fan. I seem to have a little bit more energy but then again I was probably asleep before most toddlers last night. So I mean.. who really knows? Tastes delicious at any rate. 

I spent yesterday at a professional soccer game. My first professional soccer game actually. A friend went to college with one of the players who got us free tickets with great seats. The game itself was good but me being the extremely easily distracted girl that I am, was preoccupied with the attractive players losing their shirts left and right and the sweat pouring off my body. I know that's gross but it was about 92 degrees outside and we were sitting in plastic seats directly in the sun. I wonder if it's possible to lose five pounds sweating because I may have. I don't know if y'all agree but it is hard as hell to look cute when it is that hot in the world. Thus, a list of my daily summer makeup.

 ONE// Corn starch. SO weird, I know. During the summer months I usually swap out my MAC translucent setting powder for corn starch. Believe it or not it acts exactly like setting powder, translucent and all, just a bit more effective at absorbing sweat and oil. You probably think I'm crazy but for about $1.50 at your local grocery store it's probably worth listening to the crazy lady, right? The answer is right. Go do it. 

TWO// MAC's paint pot in the shade "painterly."A light shade to just dress up the eye a little more. Well I tell myself it looks a little better in contrast to a liner.

THREE// Sephora liquid liner. It doesn't melt off my face, stays put all day and is an overall magician. 

FOUR// Waterproof mascara for obvious reasons. Sweat.

Thats all I wear during the summer. Especially during the day when it is hot, hot, hot. (Insert Elmo singing there.) If I'm outdoors all day, yesterday for instance, I throw my hair up in a ponytail and tease the front just a little bit. What do you wear for makeup in the summer heat? 

Fun fact! Your skin is the last organ to be hydrated which makes water that much more important. Hence the infused water posted above. 


  1. i will try the corn starch thing!

  2. I love water with cucumber in it, it tastes fresher :)


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