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Since starting my new job a little over a month ago life has been crazy. I started to explain a couple of days ago and ended up just giving up- good work, Shannon. I have also been focusing a whole lot on working out and eating well. Not just that but learning about what's best for my body and how to take care of myself. Thus, this blog may or may not become awfully fitness-y but hey! Why not? 

In the past I have always wondered about whether or not I should be taking protein supplements (I.e.- protein shakes) and at what point does one work out hard enough to purchase and take protein. While I'm not pretending to be an expert I hope I can help some you understand this concept a little better.
After a workout there is about a 30 minute period of time where your body is searching for nutrients. These nutrients are energizing and feeding your body preventing the body from attacking muscle. Why would your body attack it's muscle you ask? Well, after a workout your body is tired and looking for nutrients. Muscle is packed with nutrients. It is also looking to repair the micro tears caused from heavy lifting or strenuous movement. Don't be alarmed these tears are good and believe it or not are responsible for building muscle in there! Protein repairs those tears and adds to the muscle. Look out beach body, protein is here to help.

What to avoid?

As a general rule of thumb I avoid whey. My boyfriend takes whey to bulk and become Hulk Hogan or something.. I don't know I just let him lift and help him pick out clothes when they get to small. Most ladies, myself included, are looking to tighten and tone which is where keeping up with protein comes into play. 

Although I do enjoy a good protein shake I don't like to rely on them for any reason. Think about it this way, a protein shake is nothing but liquid. If you're looking at food as fuel as you should be, liquid does't make much sense does it? If you are in a bind- sure. If you can make it home and there's meat or almonds or oatmeal; eat it. 
Anything you have always been wondering? 

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