Oh hey, Is that you?

Hey ladies! Haven't been around these parts in a while huh? Right. It has been a really long time. Sometimes I will venture on over and catch up with you all. Then I'm left feeling inadequate and boring strictly because I can't make my encounter with a fly sound like a comedy written by a famous director or something. Or really anything for that matter. When you really think about it a lot of funny blog posts are the most simple concept in the world. It's just the creativity in the writing, or perhaps normal thoughts running through ones head. These blogger are quite amazing, let me tell you. 

Due to the fact that I am lame as all hell- let me catch you up on my life. In list style. 

ONE// I have a new job. I work at a gym where I sit at the front desk and teach Barre classes. Today, I walked around a plaza and handed out flyers. I actually really like the positivity in the company and for the most part the job and facility are seriously awesome. (I mean hello.. free massages?) However, the worst part in the whole entire world is cleaning showers. Hair makes me absolutely cringe. I see it and instantly turn into a raisin- I can't do it, not even my own. There I am, 5 strands of hair verse a new car in the near future. Hair, wins.

I workout so much more and tonight I chose a protein shake over Ice cream. What Shannon? too much you crazy person.

TWO// In my last post I discussed my plans to go to Zac Brown Band at Fenway. It was about as heavenly as it gets. Plus my cousins and I put in #werk on four pitchers of beer. Namely, Angry Orchid. So... yeah. 

Thats literally all I have for you right now. I know, I suck. Anyways- I'll be back way more I totally didn't realize how much I miss blogging. 

All my love to anyone still out there!


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