Summer Favorites.

Thursday, Thursday gottta go back to bed on Thursday. (Sung to the tune of that god awful "Friday" song by that god awful girl. You know the one.) Here I am at 7:16 in the morning and I have been awake, and functioning- that's important, for three hours already. If you're doing the math in your head well then hey, look at you, you overachiever. If you're hoping I'm just going to tell you, I am. I have been up since freaking 4am and actually awake since about 3:30.
I switched shifts at the gym so that I would open in order to be out and about and able to take a dance class tonight. Now that I'm here and blogging/working out when no one is here, it's not too terrible. Pretty terrible and I can't wait for a nap but I think I can make it another 4 hours until that's a possibility.  In true Shannon fashion, I'm trying my best to be positive about all of this because you know what's the use in being negative. Truth is, I just don't like waking up before the sun AND Dunkin Donuts.
In the spirit of all things happy, let's talk about some of my summer favorites. Shall we?
ONE// Not Your Mothers texturizing conditioner.
Originally, I received this in conditioner and shampoo form from Influenster. I didn't expect to like it but took it to the cape for my little fourth of July extravaganza just hoping it would clean the lake water out of my locks. Not only did it remove all of the lake yuckies but it gave me volume and all of the pretties. My hair dried perfectly and then I just had to run out and grab myself a big bottle of the conditioner.

TWO// Lululemon Power-Y tanks
Since diving into my little fitness career and becoming a fitness instructor, Lululemon, provided me with 15% off their merchandise so long as I rock their clothes to my classes and give them feedback on their products. Lucky for me (them) all I wear is workout clothes and have just a small obsessions with 90, er, 80% of their clothes. The power-y tank is my favorite strictly because I don't have to wear a bra. I hate wearing bra's.

THREE// Dresses
If you have been around these parts before you are familiar with how much I detest wearing pants. Actually, for the last four days my mom has said "Go look at the new flowers on the deck!" and every single time I have responded "I'm still not wearing pants.." So that pretty much sums up summer. Here's one of my favorites! 

...and yes, I didn't remember to post this until Friday. 

Cheers to the weekend!

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