Winter Wishin'

Winter is upon us. Stupid. I'm thinking I should probably look good while I struggle through miserable weather where the air hurts my face and I can't walk outside without wanting to toss myself into a fire just to warm up. Thus a list of some cold weather staples I need as well as some goals I have. Shall we begin? 

ONE// This pullover from Southern Proper. Yes it is Men's clothing and yes mens clothes are my favorite thing to wear. 

TWO// This North Face jacket I have been lusting after for about a year now. I need to just bite the bullet and go for it since winter around these parts is similar to Arandelle after Queen Elsa accidentally freezes the entire kingdom. 
THREE// This Kate Spade bag because, well, Kate Spade. 

FOUR// This blanket for my impeccably decorated apartment that I don't actually have yet. I mean how nice would a movie and a cup of tea be with this thing? I'll tell you- real nice. This time next year it will be in my ver own awesome apartment where the fridge is constantly stalked with Mark West Pinot Noir and I never have to wear pants.

FIVE// My goal is to stay healthy and work harder in the gym this winter. No clod weather carb-loading for me! I have summer '15 on my mind and I better look damn good. 

What should I be adding to my list friends? I know you have some treats I would enjoy. 

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