If I Were A Boy..

This Halloweekend wasn't nearly as reckless as I had been hoping for but what are you going to do?I have been trapped in bed with body aches, a fever, swollen tonsils and you're run of the mill mystery-virus-misery. This weekend also saw absolutely miserable weather. As you may have heard it snowed in New England yesterday. That's right, November 2nd and there was ice falling from the sky. Mother Nature reminding us yet again that it is her world and we are all just living in. 

However, in the spirit of keeping things around here positive, I had a great first snow day. I didn't leave my bed OR put on a bra all day. I did some blog reading, cozied up to my Sweet Spun Sugar candle from Target and for the first time all season was able to watch the Patriots game because I didn't have rehearsal. Who knew that sitting in bed and doing a whole lot of nothing for an entire day could be the best Sunday I've had since the one when it was still 70 degrees out and I went from bed to a lounge chair by the pool.

Naturally, as my first legal (drinking) Halloween, I was hoping for tequila shot taking, a whole lot of dancing and your everyday shenanigans because Halloweekend, duh. Who am I kidding? There was definitely shot taking and dancing. Lot's of dancing, my dance moves are nothing like you have ever seen. Don't get in my way though! You never know if you'll get stepped on or catch an elbow and I just won't have time to apologize if you're a casualty to either of the two. If you're following me on Instagram (if not you should be) you have have seen my costumes for the weekend. 

My favorite costume inspired this post today because well, I was a boy. A frat boy technically, inspired by TotalFratMove.com but for the sake of the blog lets just stick with boy. And yes, that is me attempting to shotgun a beer thank you for noticing. Anyways, after a few beers and an argument with an actual boy, I got to thinking.. 

If I were a boy.. 

-I'd drink beer with the guys, and chase after girls. Okay, I stole that one from Beyonce, but it's true. Except I wouldn't chase after icky girls. You all know the ones that I'm talking about. There's a difference between wearing little to nothing on Halloween and doing is tastefully and well, you know. 

-I'd never speak down to or swear at a girl because my Momma raised me better. Maybe it's something about living with  a bunch of guys in college but I will never understand how some of them think they can act. 

-I'd buy girl Shannon flowers. Because girl Shannon deserves flowers sometimes all of the time. 

-I'd take any and every opportunity I had to go to a game. Especially football. For some reason the cold just doesn't really bother boys or something. 

- I'd wear a backwards Polo hat everyday because wearing your Polo hat backwards makes you feel pretty cool. Especially if you add sunglasses, that the best. 

-I would NEVER complain about a clothes being uncomfortable. Men's button-down shirts are nothing in comparison to the little black dress and stilettos I wore Friday night. As a matter of fact, I was pretty comfy in my button-down.

-I'd be thankful that I didn't have to wear makeup and perhaps toss a nice little lady a "pretty" once in a while opposed to the standard "hot." 

-I would never, ever drink Natural Ice or Rubinoff. Ever. Those should be self-explanatory. 

-I'd listen to her, cause I know how it hurts to lose the one you wanted cause he's taken you for granted. 

Again thank you Beyonce, and just like she says they're just boys. Can't expect much. That's why you rely on yourself, put on cute little costumes to feel good about yourself and not impress anyone else. The one's who are mean or take away your smile aren't the ones that are worth it. So you go back to the drawing board- fix your make up, fake a smile and eventually it turns into a real smile. 

After all, being a girl is way better than being an idiot. Am I right? 

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