Another Day, Another Delay.

Oh! Hey there! I almost couldn't see you over the six feet of snow we have around here. Do you know how high the snow banks are when you are battling six feet of snow? Well, I don't have an exact number either but they're high. Really high. In the last month Boston has seen record breaking snow fall. After a month of snow day after snow week, I assumed we had seen the last of Elsa. Apparently, not. Upon waking up this morning I discovered tweets, text and emails from the university notifying me of the schools two hour delay due to the latest few inches of frozen fluff. 

As I'm sure you can imagine I have just about mastered the art of a snow day. It all begins with a cup of coffee in bed while pouring over news articles, blog posts and all-to-relatable Elite Daily posts. After my first cup of coffee I can find it in my heart to admire, albeit briefly, the beauty of the snow laying gently on every surface it could find on it's long journey down here. 

In a moment where I'm feeling almost accepting of nature and its beauty, I take the time to whip out my yoga mat and work on figuring out the meaning of life. Or at least semi-relaxing myself while getting in a good workout from the comfort of my bedroom. My yoga practice is almost exclusively followed by a nap on a snow day.

So what does one wish for when they're up to their eyeballs in snow, literally. Well, I wish that bean boots hadn't been out of stalk for roughly six months, I wish that I had been brave and ventured to a school on the beaches of Florida, I wish that I had spent the extra money and gone with the extra warm winter jacket and sometimes, when things are really bad, I wish for school because I don't know home many more snow weeks my liver can take. (God gives you snow days so you can demolish a bottle of wine the night before.)

For now, here's to hoping Elsa and Anna rekindle the love one another soon and these negative 20 degree days jump up drastically to sunny and 75. I'm off to finish my coffee and enjoy what is hopefully my last snow day of the year.

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