Summer 2015

Yesterday brought rain and a plethora of Dad related pictures and posts detailing who has the best father and why. Yesterday also snuck in the first day of summer! In my mind summer means a few different things. Bare feet, tan lines and cheeseburgers. Oh, and those summer sunsets. Be still my heart, I just can't get enough of those sunsets.

I figured what better way to ring in the new season, the best season, than with a bucket list? I'm publishing this list in hopes that I will be more likely to tackle each item AND document it. You know, do it for the vine  blog, or something. 

- Watch the sunrise. I'm a maniac about the summer sky and sunsets. What is a daily occurrence for most is a sign of promise, peace and beauty to me. It may sound nuts, you may wonder what I put in my wheaties but I love them. A sunrise holds the promise of a new day, a new beginning if you will. That's why I vow to watch at least one sunrise this summer. Maybe two. 

-Yoga every damn day. I mean it self, every. single. day. oh, and 8 minute abs too. 

-Read at least four books. It may not sound like much but I'm working a whole lot in corporate America and sometimes my eyeballs just need a little rest after a long day of scanning computer screens. 

-Sing my little lungs out with Darius Rucker.  I have roughly two weeks to make this dream a reality. I've got all I need and it's alright by meee....

-Save every penny I can. Of course I still need to have some me time here and there where I'm not worrying about the moolah. Those bills are coming strong and fast let me tell you. 

-Dance in the moonlight. Dance in the light of a full moon on the beach. May sound like some voodoo sh*t but perhaps a little magical as well? Perhaps. 

-Celebrate America with my people. I'm sure we can all agree how wonderful this country is. What's better than a bunch of drunk patriots yelling 'Merica while roasting marshmallows, drinking beer and setting off fireworks on the beaches of Cape Cod. Very few things my friends, very few things. 

This is list is growing by the moment but for now, we will stick to these realistic goals. He's to a summer of love and sunshine. I'm hopeful that it will be filled with all of the happiness I sit here dreaming of. 

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  1. I'm obsessed with yoga! it's also so good for you! xx, kenz


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