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Hey, blog! It's been a while.
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Since graduation about two months ago I have done a whole lot of examining myself. In the last month I have started my first full time job, been considered for a sizable promotion only to be turned down, moved into a brand new apartment with my best friend who is also my boyfriend and however unimaginable still, lost a friend. 

I'd like to be able to react only positively with the progression of my life since graduation. I am lucky to have a job and I moved in with Alex which we have been talking about since we were day dreaming at 14. I've also fallen back in love with lifting and am eager to see where this journey to a healthier lifestyle takes me. 

I believe it's important to also address the bad in order to grow and adapt. A month ago today I woke up with the sun to a doe-eyed, shell of Alex. He had news to tell me and getting it across looked as though it felt like one hundred daggers creeping up his throat. Matt, his teammate, roommate our friend, had passed away late last night. Likely a result of his heart condition. 

I'm thankful for the good, it's provided great distraction because the bad well that's been devastating. It's something to adapt to. 

I choose to move forward with the intention of living my life to the fullest. I have a history of working out but never write hard enough to really push myself and achieve the results I want. Here's to obtaining and surpassing that goal. With the intention of living life to fullest in every minute- Here goes. 

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