Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must Haves

It's back ladies and gents. The most magical time of year (aside from the time period between Thanksgiving Day and New Years day that is.)  Nordstrom's anniversary sale is here to sprinkle all things beauty and style into our lives. Hunter boots, Kate Spade, Bobbi Brown - oh my!

With every Nordstrom sale comes a desire to drain my savings account and pick up every little thing that catches my eye. This year especially I am doing my absolute best to avoid too much window shopping and browsing. It's time to do a whole lot less spending and a whole lot more saving around here. I know what you're thinking and it's as miserable as it sounds. I really do think winning the lottery would look good on me. For now we stick to the basics- bills, groceries and the occasional article of clothing I just have to have. 

Without surprise, Nordstrom has managed to mark down a few things I would tend to call necessities.  If it's something I could see myself wearing with outfit after outfit I can't help but deem it necessary to my wardrobe. Here are some of my must have's from this year's sale. 

One of my favorite aspects of the sale is pouring over posts dedicated to bloggers own must haves. The company always has so much to offer and with free shipping and hassle free returns how can you say no?

What are some of your sale favorites? 

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