Let's chat- VS fashion show edition.

GOOD LORD! How many of you were at the gym this morning, ladies? (I was not but only because I woke up this morning with a migraine like no other.) I am sure the gym was packed with girls feeling inadequate, filled with hope that after one cardio session paired with some light lifting they would be the next VS angels. I think starting a workout regimen inspired by the angels is a pretty good thing actually. Those woman are in amazing shape and work so hard to maintain their bodies. Working out and eating well is one thing but are you willing to give up pizza, bagels and cheeseburgers? I didn't think so. Realize the angels are super genetically blessed and they don't get to PMS with chocolate and french fries. Sucks.

Here were a couple of my favorite looks from the show last night :

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The colors, the costuming, wings and the makeup. gorgeous. What about those tans and tones muscles? We obviously can't forget the $10 million fantasy bra worn by Candice Swanepoel. I'll take one please, as well as those abs and legs. Thank you, Santa.


I like Candice because she is a natural beauty. Other than the bra which speaks for itself she looks like she is walking down the street on any given day and is totally rocking it. Oooh kill em.

Another successful show for Victoria's Secret. The music, costuming and energy is always so wonderful. So ladies, if you began a workout regimen or diet this morning after watching- do it for yourself, no one else. Enjoy calories in moderation, christmas cookies (try for moderation but I mean.. who can really control themselves with cookies?) and most of all be happy with yourself. Regardless of what size you are I bet you could put on a damn good show in your underwear to Trouble by TSwift. Am I right?


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