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Let's catch up on life. Shall we? The east coast is getting pummeled with up to a foot of snow today/tonight and I don't know whether I love it or hate it. I mean I have a nasty cold that snuck up and attacked my weak little immune system like the Huns in Mulan so I could really use a day off. Also, classes start back tomorrow and anything to get out of school is warmly welcomed. Obviously not too warm because it's snow. Okay so the other hand I have to somehow get home from nannying tonight while mother nature is dumping twelve inches of frost on us. Scary. I could snow shoe but I think it would take me all night to snow shoe 27 miles.

Moving forward.

New England suffered a very traumatic loss this weekend. A Patriots loss to be exact. Leaving  Super Bowl contenders  Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos to battle it out. Based on the behavior of the Seahawks fans during their last game against the 49ers, I am hoping for a Broncos victory. Later in the week I will post my favorite football recipes along with some skinny drink recipes. (Over the weekend I discovered that one Marg contains between 500-800 calories and about as much sugar as a king sized candy bar. Gross.)

The stages of depression have all passed and I am slowly starting to work through the pain the heartbreak that is a Patriots loss. I did my best not to get too excited but I was beginning to get hopeful about a double championship for Boston, well New England, this year. This is when I focus my heart and all of my love solely on my Boston Bruins. Don't let me down boys. Until next season ladies, I leave you with this.

Tom Brady-2

What else do I have for you? hmm. Ah, right. The day after I posted about my plan to save money I got paid! And put it all in the bank bought a pair of sweats from Lululemon. In my defense, they were on sale. Ugh. I know there is no defense I suck.

There is lots more I have to update you on but I have places to be and people to see. Who am I kidding, I have to work. See you all tomorrow!

PS- follow my tweets at @pearls_sass. I think I'm the funniest person I have ever met.


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