Social Networks.

As a twenty year old girl- I take full advantage of social networking sights. I have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram apps on my phone in which I check regularly. Fine. Significantly more than I should. Happy? I have such a love- hate relationship with these little shits. I use them to stay connected with my friends and family across the country, maybe world. I can upload pictures and status' about what I have been up to as well as keep track of what my friends have been getting themselves into.Good or bad- one never knows what to expect with them.

So where does the "hate" part come in? I dislike the way social networking is such a huge part of life. Society as a whole places so much importance in the internet that we don't pay much attention to what is around us. Almost like unless it is posted somewhere- it isn't real. The phrase "Is it facebook official?" Are you serious. C'mon.

#TBT; such a cool thought but overdone and obnoxious at the point. If you say "Tee-Bee-Tee" in real life you need to be grounded. I'm talking no electronics for a week. You're sentenced to actually playing outside in fresh air and not tweeting about. You've been served.

I am as guilty as the next girl for being online way too frequently but there is a real world that is rather pretty and should be noticed. Last night, as I was backing out of my parking spot at Target, I noticed a woman walking toward my car scrolling through her phone. She clearly didn't see me so I applied the breaks trying to avoid hitting the bitch. She walked right into the back of my car. HELLLLOO! Pay attention.

I think back to how much fun I had playing games and day dreaming with my friends when I was younger. It makes me sad that such young kids have so many social networks at their fingertips. If you aren't in high school you don't need a twitter OR Facebook. Sorry not sorry. Bullying is so easy now it makes mt stomach do flips and my heart feel like a brick.

I guess the moral of this rant is to appreciate the beauty in life and have a normal conversation with people. I try not to use my phone at all when I am out but it doesn't always work. Anyways.. I challenge you to cut back on your social network use and get away from life via instagram filters. Think about it- the sun and a fresh covering of snow are instagram filters from mother nature herself.


  1. Funny, I just wrote a post about hating how people "like" something without responding to it. My job (/life) revolves around social media so I won't go without it, but, yea, we do need to try harder to interact and just step back. Especially if you're on the road! People are just ridiculous. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Thank you for reading!


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