"Take Me Away.."

Around this time every year I get the bug. My skin is pale, a little too dry and I would do some pretty crazy things for a sunset over the ocean. I usually find myself in a precarious financial situation around the time I insist on planning a vacation but life is too short to work all day and not play a little. Travel is something I'm sure I will never be able to get enough of. 

While I am always looking for a tan and a good cocktail, I'm typically looking for people and stories. It will be six years in June that I traveled to Ireland and England. One rainy night, outside of O'connors Bar in Killarney, I met two cousins- Marion and Nicole. The girls were a couple years older than me and traveled from Austria for the week. I had to rely on their English basics to learn more about them and their lives at home. It was a little sketchy at times but oh what a night.

Marion and Nicole wanted nothing more than to go to University in the United States. Unfortunately, the families they were on holiday from didn't place much importance on higher education for the girls. Through travel the girls were learning about themselves and the world around them. When I left for Ireland I was eighteen and reeling from a silly breakup. I had a group of "friends" that taught me to question my worth in almost every aspect of my life. These two Austrian beauties on pursuit of freedom changed my view on the word "success." I decided then that the sparkle of wonder and happiness in their eyes was my pursuit. We ended our night dancing in the rain and my heart was so full it could explode. 

I am beyond thankful for those two girls.

Here's the tough part- How do you travel when you can barely afford Starbucks? 

Step One- Flight
Due to the importance I place on travel, I opted for a credit card that rewards me with airline miles. I have had my card for quite a while so I know that deals and offers are different now. Definitely shop around. For me, miles made the most sense. My debit card utilitzes a point based program in which I can redeem for gift cards or cash money. My credit card is used primarily for gas and groceries which means I receive travel points for adulting. #winning

It's nice to know that I will receive a little break on flights once my points are applied. All I had to do was drive to work and buy snacks. When it comes time to pick an actual flight- Travelocity is where it's at. 

Step Two- Pick A Destination
It's generally pretty easy to decide you want to travel to Fiji for rockstar treatment but it isn't realistic for most of us. Groupon Getaway and CheapCarribbean.com are my two favorite sites for cheap vacations. Both sites will list resorts with specials during specific travel periods. While some "specials" aren't particularly special, other's are extra sweet with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Just be sure you triple check the fine print before pressing that "Book" button!

Step Three- Splurge Vs. Save
I'm someone that tends to be pretty talented when it comes to splurging on vacations. Sometimes, the vacation itself is the splurge and the disposable income isn't quite where I wold like it for my trip. Life's about experiences not money, make smart choices. Maybe one night instead of going out to dinner at the fancy hotel restaurant you grab ice cream and a couple of beers then go down to the beach for sunset. 

And I'm off to start my search. Here goes!

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  1. I'm going on a trip to Paris because I found some killer round trip tickets. It's all about finding bargains that can enhance your trip. :]

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