Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit.

Since becoming a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network a couple of months ago I receive an email with an incredible opportunity at least once a week. I have received the opportunity to apply for represent and try a new app, a Macy's campaign and my personal favorite receive the Spring Break Survival Kit! If you recall my post on the first day I went to the doctor I came home to find my kit! I thought it would make all of my troubles fade away but it didn't because I then wound up on my couch for two weeks with pneumonia.
The good news is it did lift my spirits roughy one million percent and is continuing to do so! For those of you who didn't see the original post the box looked a little something this.
IMG_0514 IMG_0518
FIRST// Inside my original box of goodies I received a neuro sleep drink. Two days ago I received TWO count them one-two thirty pound boxes of Neuro sleep! That's four cases of yummy relaxing goodness. The best way I can think to describe the drink is a liquid form of melatonin or maybe sleepy tea? As a girl that can never fall asleep and wakes up twice every night, I am a huge supporter of this and dear I say, it's number one fan. Twice now I have had some before bed and slept an entire 6 hours THROUGH the night. Miracle my friends, miracle. It also came with one of those cool little masky-things to put over your eyes and oddly enough.. I really like it. Granted, it does't stay on my face for the entire night but you win some you lose some. I believe I'm supposed to share some of my cases with friends. It's fair if I share two and keep two right? Yes, it is. OH BTW.. 35 calories. BAM.
SECOND// Haircare- TRESemmé also sent me a 7 Day Keratin Smooth System and let me tell you my hair smooth smooth smooth. If you know me you know I have a thing about soft hair and if you look like you have soft hair I will more than likely play with it. Maybe ask first, but probably not. I did share my Keratin treatment with a couple lucky friends and got equally awesome reviews. Which I mean is no surprise because TRESemme is the best and never disappoints.
ZOTOS Biotera color care conditioner was a favorite of my Momma. I no longer have color treated hair so I wanted to give it to someone who would fully benefit from its goodness. Naturally I played with her hair after and it felt like baby hair (that's a good thing in my book) and she seemed to LOVE it. As far as I can tell you should go buy some.
THIRD// CHIPOTLE. I could just stop with that but I mean I won't. Chipotle sent me cards for a free meal from Chipotle AND free chips and guac. Wait what do you mean? How did I get so lucky? My go-to at chipotle is a burrito with chicken, rice, cheese and lettuce. Good lord my friends it is so freaking delicious. Granted you can't eat anything after so I will have to use the chips and guac another time and just love chipotle twice. Have you ever been? Whatever the answer is just go right now. You're welcome.
FOUR// Coupon Cards. European wax center sent me a coupon for a FREE spring break wax. Hello...eyebrows. Brows can make or break you people. Those have to be taken care of regularly. I was seriously considering waxing the bikini but I have heard horror stories about that. Pain wise, I mean, and I'm a little bit of a baby.
Yokini Swimwear sent me 20% off plus free lettering on of their yoga inspired bathing suit bottoms.
FIVE// Her Campus Swag. Her campus sent me koozie's, sunglasses and a freaking adorable pink cup with a bow on it. If we're being honest I was planning on purchasing a koozie and the sunglasses this summer to flaunt on the lake. I may actually buy a couple more pairs of sunglasses incase I have a little too much to drink, dive into the water and lose them. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...
It's unfortunate that spring break in Boston looks a little something like that.
I'm so thankful for Her Campus as well as all the companies that contributed to sending me so many goodies!I'm hopeful there will be more opportunities such as this one in the future!

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