I Can't Wait For Summer Because..

I can't wait to sit on the lake or lounge on a boat and watch gorgeous sunsets just like this one last summer.
Everyone is so much happier in the summer. Tan people = happy people.
I can leave my house without a jacket and boots without worrying about my toes falling off.
It's so much easier to get ready. Get out of the shower, brush my hair, throw on some mascara and I'm ready to go!
I can sit outside at night listening to crickets and gazing at the stars. It's amazing how small your problems become when you think about how big the universe is.
Outdoor country concerts. Duh.
Sitting in a chair doing nothing but reading ALL day is not only accepted, it's encouraged.
NO PANTS! During the summer I'm either always in dresses, shorts or bathing suits. There are never any pants in sight for this girl and that's exactly how I like it.
Day drinking is more socially acceptable. A Mike's Hard Lemonade and fishing at 10 am? Well, sign me up.
I'm footloose and fancy free during the summer!
You may not believe me but there is seriously nothing I don't like about the summer. My heart and my skin are so much happier! Link up with Helene  and Taylor to share your favorite things about summer!
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